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Hyper-Pro ®

P-512 ®
Galden HS240
Galden® HS 240

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Wafer Blade Sawing Solution
Surface Active Agent Products : Hyper-Pro ®

Selecting the Best Material

- Reduce Surface Tension(31dynes/cm) and ESD effect control
- Coating Shields formed upon the Wafer Surface
- Prevent Particles from Surface deposition
- Blade Wafer sawing Quality control from Die Chipping, Burr and crack
- Reduce Temperature of Blade by lubrication, cutting and cooling that
prevent static electricity (Improve Blade Life time extend)
- Non-ionic surface active agent : PH (6.5-8.5)
- Environmental Standard Optimized : COD, BOD, ROHS
- An exclusive Wafer Sawing Chemical for specialized Corrosion and Galvanic Cell
Manufacturer: MTI Categories: Commodity Chemicals, Surfactant

Effect of Hyper-Pro ®

Galvanic Cell Test Result

[Note] Only DI Water, Per Line :  About  32ea Galvanic Cell  Occurrence With Hyper-Pro : Not detected  Galvanic Cell


For protect ESD resistivity Test

Note] Resistivity is lower and lower, it could prevent electro static when wafer saw generated frictional electricity which discharges to outside, In case of Hyper-Pro that resistivity is very stable even if dilution rate were high.


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