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iX Series


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The K&S iX series has continuous enhancements in the total pick and place process, further introducing a new light weight feeding range with proven high field-measured pick-rates of over 99.99%, higher placement accuracies for passives (35 microns), new component range, 25% increased output for camera-aligned components.

Where different equipment were used to place chips and known good dies for manufacturing of SiP, WLP and high performance flip chip modules,  this can now be done on one single machineThe Hybrid, with its unique parallel placement process capabilities and high accuracy robots, combines the requirements of reliable high speed chipshooting  and accurate known good die placement into a one single machine solution

  • Reduce your MCM, SIP, WLP and flip chip production costs
  • When First-Pass-Yield counts most
  • For high UPH with 7µm @ 3 sigma accurracy 
  • The best solution combining
  • Flip Chips or bare dies with  passive components placement.


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