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UV Dicing Tape

QFN Backside Tape
QFN Backside Tape
PKG EMI Shield Tape
PKG EMI Shield Tape

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General Mold Release Film

Product Description / Properties

- To fix wafer with high adhesiveness when dicing process and easy to remove after UV cure with decreased adhesiveness
- Remove without flouling on wafer surface

Manufacturer: MTI Categories: Specialty Film


  • LED Wafer Dicing / Semiconductor Wafer Dicing / Package(LED) Dicing)


Product Structure:



  • Strong adhesiveness, chipping, chip flying prevention
  • Removed easily when die pick-up with decrease adhesiveness after UV curing
  • Not remain damage or corruption on the surface of the product after UV curing
  • Semiconductor/LED/Glass Package & Wafer
  • PO, PE, PVC, PET Base Tape
  • Have functional product of Non UV type, expandable type



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