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SupraSolve CD-600

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Fast soldering with less corrosion of soldering tip and less flux spattering which will provide greater productivity

- Excellent solderability and wettability properties
- Fast soldering and low fuming/odor phenomena
- Low spattering of flux and solder particles
- High reliabilty and surface insulation resistance


Standard Packaging:
-  500gm per high density polythlene bobbin
-  10 bobbins with 5.0kg are packed in a carton box.


New halogen-free soldering flux

For manual and robotic soldering

Better wettability with good solder spread
The combination of activators in RX-300-NC accelerates the activation of soldering flux in the early stage of soldering process and prevents the gasification of activators at high temperature. The wide range of activation temperature gives excellent initial wettability and good solders spreading over the substrates to the RX-300-NC.




Fast soldering at QFP without solder bridging defect

RX-300-NC gives excellent performance in linear soldering. The high-temp melting characteristic reduce the vaporization and maintain the sufficient quantity of soldering flux within substrate and part during the soldering process hence eliminate the bridging defects in linear soldering especially in QFP component.



Virtually no spattering of flux
The combination of activators and thermal treatment improve the gasification of fluxes during soldering process. The occurrence of fluxes spattering has been improved in term of frequency and distance.




High reliability and Low corrosion of soldering tip
The elimination of halogen in the soldering flux had reduced its corrosiveness to the substrate and parts. With the cooperation of corrosion inhibitors, the reliability improved significantly






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