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FOBA M2000 Series

FOBA C. 0102 / C. 302

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Advanced laser workstations with integrated vision inspection for
economic direct part marking and reliable product traceability
Manufacturer: Alltec Categories: Laser Marking/Engraving

The M-Series consists of advanced manually loaded laser marking workstations for the precise and economic processing of small, large and geometrically complex workpieces as well as small and large batches of parts. The M-Series is available in two sizes (M2000, M3000) and three model options each (B: with worktable, R: with turntable, P: with axes X/Y/Z). Advanced fiber and UV laser markers are available for integration as well as fully integrated vision inspection solutions.

The general purpose B models: programmable Z-axis, worktable, electric lift door; ideal for almost any direct part marking application – among others in the automotive, aerospace, medical, tools, metal, plastic processing and mechanical engineering industries.

The flexible P models: programmable axes (X, Y, Z; optionally expandable to five axes), electric lift door; perfect for batch processing and small parts in trays/pallets, but also fo larger parts where marking positions are outside the marking field or where marks have to be applied at several positions.

The rotating high-throughput R models: programmable Z-axis, automated two-position rotary table; perfect for marking all kinds of serial parts (i.e. vehicle interior parts, metal components, tools, medical devices, implants or surgical instruments).

Main fields of application

  • Automobile and autoparts industry,
  • Tool and mold construction,
  • Machinery construction,
  • Medical technology,
  • Plastic processing industries,
  • Laser contract production (promotional items)

Your Product Benefits

  • Precision and process reliability: Rigid machine (polymer concrete), Laser marking with fully integrated vision alignment and inspection (option)
  • Flexibility: Integration into customer processes (interfaces, additional axes), Various laser systems available, Accessories and options for optimal customization
  • Economy: Small footprint, Optimal accessibility, Air-cooled laser systems
  • Ergonomic workstations: Height adjustable for standing/seated work (option), Configurable control panel position (left, right)
  • Productivity: High throughput with two-position rotary table (R-models)







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