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Virex Silver Nanotechnology

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ALIBATA Limited introduces the latest Nano-technology based chemical that helps protect establishments longer than any other disinfectant.

VIREX is a Silver (Ag) Nanotechnology-based disinfectant which can instantly kill microorganisms, including germs such as, bacteria, viruses, fungi and molds. It creates a long-lasting coat of protection that works for up to 30 days.

Category:  Health and Safety Solutions

Silver has been used for the treatment of medical ailments for over 100 years due to its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. The Nano Silver particles typically measure 25nm. They have a relatively large surface area, increasing their contact with bacteria or fungi, and vastly improving its bactericidal and fungicidal effectiveness.

And now being used as a disinfectant solution that can stay and take effect for up to 30 days on any surface.

Product Features and Benefits


How does it work?

Virex Silver is an antimicrobial coating that uses a mechanical approach to killing bacteria and viruses (including corona viruses). It creates a durable & long-lasting bond to most surfaces, porous & non-porous. The product works as an active shield with spikes penetrating the cell walls of microbes. Thereby, killing them instantly upon impact.

  • The nano silver when in contact with bacteria and fungus will adversely affect cellular metabolism and inhibit cell growth.
  • The nano silver suppresses respiration, basal metabolism of electron transfer system, and transport of substrate in the microbial cell membrane.
  • The nano silver inhibits multiplication and growth of those bacteria and fungi which cause infection, odor, itchiness and sores.





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