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AIRMAX-Clean mat

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The iFlex adds flexible production, matching the industry trend
towards high-mix production. iFlex virtually eliminates product
change-over times to maintain maximum throughput whatever
is on the line. iFlex is a complete series of machines in one.
Three types of modules can be configured in any combination to
meet all production needs and volumes efficiently.

The K&S iFlex is the industry's most flexible modular one-machine concept, available in single-lane or dual-lane. The iFlex machine can be in any combination of any amount of three available modules; scalable in feeder positions, output and/or capabilities, and excels in the four main manufacturing key values, being:

  • Quality - Starting at designing the program, until the moment the board leaves the machines, the iFlex uses quality tools and process-driven technologies for the industry's lowest board defect levels of less than 1 dpm!
  • Flexibility - Fast in NPI and designed for minimum setup changes and changeovers at batch sizes starting at one PCB - so you can do more jobs a day, and better!
  • Efficiency - Technique that is built for constant throughput - for any product, from any job, at any time. Deliver your products always on-time.
  • Cost Control - Designed for fast and modular maintenance, low in energy and air consumption. The iFlex is about manufacturing green while saving money, too.
  • Constant flow of boards
  • In-machine buffer positions eliminate daily line dynamics problems
  • Unique fast tray caching for consistent tray speed across all applications

Segmented changeover

  • Automatic conveyor adjustment (1)
  • Random feeder placement (2)
  • Feeder exchange on the fly (3a, 3b)
  • Fast trolley exchange (4)



  • Incl. 10 jaw sets for large gripper range
  • Dot codes ensure use of correct gripper


The three available modules are:

  • iFlex T4
    Chip and IC shooting from 0402M (01005) to 17.5 x 17.5 x 15 mm at 51,000 cph (IPC9850(A))
  • iFlex T2
    Chip and IC shooting from 0402M (01005) to 45 x 45 x 15 mm at 24,300 cph (IPC9850(A))
  • iFlex H1
    End-of-line placer placing up to 120 x 52 x 35 mm at 7,500 cph (IPC9850(A))


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