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P-312 ®

P-512 ®
Galden HS240
Galden® HS 240

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Cerium polishing powder Cleaning Solution : P-312 ®

To follow newest trend changing to complex design, it is special purpose solution to remove residues of abrasives(cerium oxide) issued newly on cover glass process.
Manufacturer: MTI Categories: Commodity Chemicals, Surfactant

  • Effectively remove fine remaining cerium particle and fluidic substance after surface-processing by using rare-earth(cerium oxide )
  • A variety of using in Glass, CRT(Catode Ray Tube), Optical lens, TV fluorescent screen, Cellphone Glass and etc.
  •  Designed by Fine-Penetrate method and remove fine  remaining cerium particle on various of glass surface shapes
  • Excellent for inhibition of glass surface contamination occurring.


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