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Hyper-Blue ®

P-512 ®
Galden HS240
Galden® HS 240

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Product Function

Photo Resist as a core material is used in the lithographic process for semiconductor circuit elements manufacturing process.
In response to light, draws patterns on the wafer to form a fine circuit-pattern which is a photosensitive material for exposure process.

Stripper After completion of etching for semiconductor circuit, removes the photo resist, by-products generated in the process(Residue), non-volatile residue on surface and so on.
Manufacturer: MTI Categories: Commodity Chemicals, Surfactant



  • Excellent Photo Resist removing speed
  • No residue after PR removal
  • Excellent wetting performance while washing
  • No effect deposited metal layers (Ni, Au, Ti, Al, ITO, Cr, etc.)

Range Of Products

  • Available up to Nano-Level that requires a high resolution
  • Usable to produce G-Byte DRAM, Flash Memory and Logic Device
  • Stripping G/I-Line resist by targeting each device
  • Removing various resists to materialize a minimum pattern width


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