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Wimin ARM-710

wimin AR7/AR7-Mini

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• PC and CCD Vision system.
• Programming with compensation and dust collection
• Available for Max size 410-460mm
• Flexible for different types of products.
• Open type platform for LD/ULD and automation upgrade with robot
Manufacturer: Wimin Categories: Automation

This product is a full-automation online cutting device without manual intervention, the front end of which can be matched with a trigger or linked to customers’ test line (ATE) to realize panel forwarding. The operating principle is the same as that of the former generation of off-line products: high-speed principal axis is employed to separate PCBA from the panel with extremely small stress, which can ensure cutting accuracy and cleanness.



  • Automatic tool change
  • Broken knife detection
  • Automatic production mode
  • The linkage between Spc statistic function and customers’ Management system –ERP
  • Can be equipped with explosion-proof function of the vacuum cleaner and air volume monitoring function





User-friendly Operating System
Full property rights of windows 7 allow reasonable user-friendly operation and convenient visibility of I/O ports during maintenance.




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