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wimin AR7/AR7-Mini

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Product Overview

Five-Axis, Double Y-Axis, single head automatic soldering machine.

The dual Y-Axis single-head automatic soldering machine adds a Y-axis and dual working platform to the basis of the four-axis automatic soldering machine
Manufacturer: RobotHX Categories: Automation

Technical Parameters

Product features:

- Flexible soldering methods, with functions such as spot welding and drag welding (pull welding).
- The mechanical arms of the equipment are all aluminum profile open-mold casting
- The working program of the equipment can be copied from point to point and block to block, which shortens the programming time.
- The equipment has an automatic cleaning function
- Use of precision stepper motor drive and advanced motion control algorithm,
- The welding module has an automatic buffer function to avoid damage to the welding products.
- The temperature controller can adjust the temperature range between 5-500 degrees Celsius,
The tin feeder has a tin breaking function,


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