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FOBA C. 0102 / C. 302

FOBA C. 0100

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Reliable, field-proven CO2 laser marking technology
combined with unrivaled flexibility
Manufacturer: Alltec Categories: Laser Marking/Engraving

Wavelengths, scan head aperture, marking head position, IP rating, power and much more can be configured to suit your application needs. Flexibility is built-in. With print speeds up to 2,000 characters/sec. and line speeds up to 900 m/min., these marking lasers address both simple and complex code requirements on a range of substrates including paperboard, glass, painted metals and many plastic materials. This flexibility makes the C-Series lasers well suited for laser marking applications in various industries: for automotive parts, electronic components, plastic parts, cables, and many more. Marking your products on-the-fly or when stationary, with simple date codes or complex graphics, the C.0102 and C.0302 offer cost effective solutions to your part marking challenges.

The C.0102 10-Watt offers all the performance features the C.0302 30-Watt marking laser provides, but with a power source better matched for moderate line speed applications or those at rest. The 30-Watt C.0302 is perfect for higher speed mark-on-the-fly applications (of up to 150,000 products/hour) or more demanding materials such as many plastics.

Main fields of application

  • Automobile industry; medical devices manufacturing; electronics; extrusion; plastics processing; packaging industry; food and beverage industry
    Various industrial direct part marking applications (serial marking, barcodes, 2D codes);
    Markings while the object is stationary or in motion (MOTF – marking on the fly) 

Your Product Benefits

  • Reliability: Air-cooled laser virtually eliminates maintenance intervals; High-resolution marking head for high quality, permanent and consistently crisp codes that assure product traceability and tamper-proofing.
  • Built-in productivity: A variety of mark window options and high-speed marking heads allow for a throughput increase of up to 67 %.
  • Simple usability: Most flexible integration solution with 32 standard beam delivery options; Quick set up and easy redeployment via detachable umbilical cable and simple-to-use accessory connections; 4 interface options plus a choice of networking communications to match your preferred workflow





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