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Desktop Air Purifier

Virex Silver Nanotechnology
Thermal Scanner

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Product Feature

The Household Desktop Air Purifier will be the best choice for personal use in a bedroom, office cubicle, baby room or school dormitory. It is really easy for use, a button turns on and off and controls the fan speed. The unique design makes the product low-key and fashionable, which is really easy to integrate. Its small size means you can place it anywhere. Its low power consumption and low noise make it cheap and always quiet.

Category:  Health and Safety Solutions


Product Description

The Household Desktop Air Purifier features advanced process, which can filter most of dust, pollen, smoke, odors, mold, and pet dander. In addition, our Household Desktop Air Purifier improves the overall air quality. Due to the high performance, it can be an ideal facility for pet owners, babies, children, the elderly, allergy sufferers and so on. The composite filtration system uses a bacterial antibacterial cotton layer, a true HEPA filter layer, and an activated carbon layer. It can effectively reduce the health risks of air pollution and remove pet odors, smoke and cooking odors.



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