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Most flexible and cost-efficient handling system

Mühlbauer’s overall goal with the DS VARIATION ecoLINE is to significantly lower the initial investment cost while, at the same time, guaranteeing maximum functionality in one platform. Accordingly, the DS VARIATION ecoLINE excels especially through its cost efficient design and highly accurate AOI vision inspection capability. With the integrated high accuracy mode for the chip placement, a value of 20µm can be reached. All standard inspection features, especially the top, backside and sidewall inspection result in 100% six-side chip control. Our latest IR inspection for sidewall and backside detection helps to reach an even higher output quality. THE DS VARIATION ecoLINE can process a whole range of niche applications such as T&R, De-Taping, Tray & Waffle packs, as well as reconstructed wafers up to 12“.
Manufacturer: Muhlbauer Categories: Die Sorting & Inspection


  • Low investment cost for maximal flexibility
  • Up to 12” (300 mm) reconstructed wafer
  • Fast conversion time between different products
  • Flexible output configuration with 2 indexer (2-in-1)



  • Combined process capability 4-in-1

         » Tape and reel

         » Waffle pack and Jedec tray sorting

         » Reconstructed wafer

          »Wafer, tray and de-taping capability

  • Including flip chip and 100% 6-side inspection

          » Defect detection of 10µm defects and 5µm on sidewall

          » NEW infrared sidewall inspection

  • Highest placement accuracy

          » ±30µ with DOT ±20µm



  • Flip: Up to 6,000 dies/hour
  • None-flip: Up to 5,000 dies/hour



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