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The world‘s No. 1 in Die Sorting

With the latest DS Merlin, Mühlbauer was able to achieve a new record throughput of up to 45,000 UPH – already including full vision and sidewall inspection. On top of the significantly increased speed, the DS MERLIN shows lowest cost of ownership since ever. The completely new construction method of the MERLIN’s core module features a special die ejector and smart pick & place wheel instead of the conventional bond head system. The machine and product setup have also been significantly simplified. Thanks to an automatic self-alignment system complex and long-lasting operator-related changeovers and setup times are no longer required. New products can be change over faster and easier than ever before. Aware that there is no compromise on quality, we integrate new construction of the inspection system with up to 4x infrared capability achieving an even higher output quality. Our sidewall, backsite, post place & new laser groove IR detects every tiny defect even within the die. A more intuitive software interface and an enhanced wafer handling complete this brand-new die sorting system and make it fastest at the market.
Manufacturer: Muhlbauer Categories: Die Sorting & Inspection

Key Features:

  • 12”  Mühlbauer Flip Chip or None Flip Tape & Reel Die Sorter

  •  Lower cost of ownership and higher UPH

           » Beating the 30.000 or 45.000 UPH incl. vision 

  •  Auto self-alignment with super-fast Change over guarantee

  •   Simple Process Tape & Reel

           » Ready for ultra small die handling (0.2 x 0.4 mm)

  •  Integrated AOI 6-side inspection

           » Defect detection of 9µm defects and 5µm on sidewall

           » Infrared inspection: sidewall, backside, post place and laser groove IR Inspection (down to 5 µm)

  •  Automatic reel changer available

  •  100% Smart Factory (Industry 4.0 enabled) with MB PalaMax®



  • CIncluding flip chip and improved optics for 100% 6-side inspection
  • Full speed incl.100% sidewall inspection
  • 100% Smart Factory (Industry 4.0-enabled) with MB PalaMax®



  • Flip: Up to 30,000, even  45,000 dies/hour with flip and sidewall
  • None-flip: Up to 31,000 dies/hour



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