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DS Laser

Production Equipment

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The most gentle method of die handling

With the new DS Laser, Mühlbauer has developed a particularly gentle die handling method. Instead of a mechanical die release system, the DS Laser works with a laser shot which releases the die from the wafer. Compared to the use of standard die ejector needles, the chip is exposed to no mechanical stress during the lift. The good dies are picked up from the wafer, flipped by 180° and placed face down into the carrier tape. Different automatic optical inspection features such as top, bottom and sidewall inspection and IR (in combination with an automatic replacement function of bad dies in the tape pocket) guarantee an optimal output yield with 100% optical inspection of all dies. The system has a throughput of up to 12,000 UPH for flip chip, including vision inspection.
Manufacturer: Muhlbauer Categories: Die Sorting & Inspection

With the completely automatic self-alignment system, a complex and long-lasting operator-related changeovers and set-up times are no longer required. New products can be introduced faster and easier than ever before. Due to the new construction, the inspection system with latest IR technology on sidewall and backside inspection reaches an even higher output quality. A more intuitive software interface and an enhanced wafer handling complete this brand new die sorting system.

Key Features

  • Simple process Tape & Reel

» Beating the 12.000 UPH
» Ready for ultra-thin die handling (down to 20 µm)
» Pick-from-glass capability

  • Sensitive die handling: Laser shot to release die from wafer
  • Chip is exposed to no mechanical stress during the lift process
  • Improved FOUP handling with robotic arm



  • Ability to test the singulated dies on wafer-level to avoid chip-outs during the sawing process
  • Including flip chip and 100% 6-side inspection

» Defect detection of 9µm defects and 5µm on sidewall
» Infrared: sidewall and backside IR inspection.

  • Easy parameter set: adjustable beam diameter range (1.25-10 mm) and changeable laser mask



  • Flip: Up to 12,000 dies/hour with flip


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